We combine the idea of simplistic and fashion into our products. We help interior designers to realize their original designs. We help consumers to have a better experience working inside the space.


    Greenpower can design tile pattern, color and installation style based on specific demand. Designers can join construction meetings for special orders to get a better understanding of technical request.


    Greenpower have been persuiting a more sustainable business mode. Our mission is to make a better future for the next generation. We keep exploring the new possibilities of materials and techniques and offering better carpet solutions for market. We apply medical standard material to make a lower VOC and more comfortable carpet. It can be installed in building offices and is is also suitable for schools, hotels, kindergartens, shopping malls, hospitals and even living rooms. Join us, you will find more possibilities.


Suzhou Greenpower Co Ltd :No.12 Jintong Road, Tong’an, High-Tech District, Suzhou


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